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ComedyCures® is an award-winning 501(c)3 non-profit organization that brings joy, hope, laughter and therapeutic entertainment programs to the ill and underserved around the globe. Through our live ComedyCures® events and digital outreach, it is our mission to entertain, educate and unify grown-ups and kids living with illness, their families, and medical caregivers. Our audiences experience the benefits of a community, comic perspective and hope.
ComedyCures® has produced live therapeutic events and programs across the United States, and in several countries, including Canada, Budapest, Myanmar and Israel, reaching millions of people since 1999 via major media. As ComedyCures® continues touching more lives through our internationally acclaimed live events; we are also focusing on using multi-media technologies to tickle even more funny bones. ComedyCures® collaborates with many medical centers, non-profit organizations, corporations, celebrities and media outlets. ComedyCures® attracts diverse audiences of all races, ages, genders and religious backgrounds from all socio-economic groups. 
More About ComedyCures® Programs

*Have you laughed with us? ComedyCures® produces award-winning live events, like our LaughingLunch®, LaughAbout®, Laugh-A-Thon® programs and many collaborative Keynote appearances and worshops. *Have you heard our ComedyCures® “Laughter is the Best Medicine” PSA Campaign featuring over 100 comedians as launched daily on 1010 Wins Radio in NYC? *Are you one of the thousands of people each month who call 1-888-HA-HA-HA-HA, our ComedyCures® LaughLine®, for a daily joke? *Did you make or receive one of our 100,000 playful ComedyCures® Wellness Joke Book pages which have been created and circulated around the world?  *Did you call to talk to us live on COMEDYCURES® LAUGHTALK RADIO® launched on AM 970 The Apple in New York City? Did we happen to visit you in the hospital or call to cheer you up? Please see our "Programs" page for more details or contact us to attend or collaborate.

ComedyCures® Collaborations & Recognition

ComedyCures® has collaborated with The World Health Organization, The United Nations, The Red Cross, The United Way, The United States Marines, Hospitals, Ronald McDonalds Charities, Gilda’s Clubs, Paul Newman’s Camps, Susan G. Komen Foundation, Rotary International, American Cancer Society, CaringBridge, Senior facilities, Fortune 500 companies and many prominent organizations to serve patients, caregivers, the homeless, seniors and medical staffs.

Praised for their humor and humanitarian efforts, the ComedyCures team has won many recognitions including, New York City Recreation & Parks Society “Entertainment Company Award”, Russ Berrie’s “The Making a Difference Award”, The Las Vegas Comedy Festival “Jerry Lewis Humanitarian and Humor Award”, United Way’s “Family Caring Charity” just to name a few. ComedyCures was awarded a major grant by the Rotary District 7230 NYC/WTC Disaster Relief Fund, Inc. to produce and host "FUNDAYSUNDAY” on Broadway, the first therapeutic humor program for the families of the victims of the 9/11 tragedy.  Entertainment Industry Supporters are listed on "Our Team" page.  The ComedyCures Foundation is a 501(c)3 fully tax exempt non-profit organization (Tax ID #223661833).  Donations are tax-deductible. To contact us, please click hereTo download a copy of this page, please click here.


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