Through our innovative, award-winning, programs and live events, ComedyCures provides joy-filled, therapeutic entertainment to kids and grown-ups living with illness, depression, trauma, and disabilities.


Nothing seemed very funny February 5th, 1999.... It was the evening my funny bone broke. (Saranne will finish this text.) There is a new photo to go here too.Then move link to Our Story page here.

(This text will move... ComedyCures® is an award-winning 501(c)3 non-profit organization that brings joy, hope, laughter and therapeutic entertainment programs to the ill and under-served around the globe. Through our live ComedyCures® events and digital outreach, it is our mission to entertain, educate and unify grown-ups and kids living with illness, their families, and medical caregivers. Our audiences experience the benefits of a comic perspective and hope.

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COMEDYCURES LAUGHINGLUNCH CELEBRATES 12 YEARS OF MAKING NYC MORE FUN FOR PATIENTS & CAREGIVERS, FALL 2016!  Saranne will finish this text (Use photo that is under blog header here.)

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(This text will move) There are no days off for those with a serious illness or for their families.  ComedyCures tries to be accessible and agile; some events can be planned in advance, at other times a request for laughter and love arrives with a few hours notice.  Meet the people that make this happen!

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