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Ha Ha Healing!


Giving the gift of laughter is good for the mind, body and spirit. Yes, there's lots of research about the effects of humor, positive thinking, and helping people cope with stress, anxiety, illness and depression. Laughing just feels good. Here are some ways to invigorate the day with the recommended 100 laughs.


-Create a personalized wellness jokebook for them to keep by their bedside.

-Become a "humor buddy". Make an appointment to laugh everyday, either over the phone or - better yet - in person.

-Watch funny movies together, or read funny books. Here's our recommended laughing list to get you started.

-Make a donation in their honor. You'll both feel better knowing you're spreading the joy!

-Have a laughter party.


Be in touch! Let us know how you discovered new ways to Laugh For Wellness!

Drop us a line at info(AT)



-Call the ComedyCures  at 1-888-HaHaHaHa. (just saying the number out loud makes us start laughing!)


Help Support ComedyCures and treat yourself to comedy!





Give the gift of comedy to a friend or to yourself!!!  

Go to and order your favorite comedian and support our charity at the same time. They have TONS of comedy CDs and more! ComedyCures receives a percentage from each CD sold. Check it out!


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